Loves, Myths & Legends

Sunday 12 June 2022


Christ Church, West Didsbury

Including music by Monteverdi, Schütz, Whitacre, Cornet, MacMillan, Runestad, Stephens, Lauridsen, Gjeilo

For thousands of years, myths and legends have been a way for different peoples and cultures to explain the world around them. Today’s usage carries a connotation of “falsehood” or “disinformation”, but in reality, the allure of myths and legends is the story that they tell. Rather than worrying about whether or not something was a hundred percent true, people used myths to pass on an heritage to the next generation. Myths can range from sacred to secular, biblical to everyday; they are present in cultures and religions throughout the world and still form part of a culture’s backbone. Whereas legends are sometimes spun around a true person or event, myths were often products of someone’s imagination in order to give continuity to a history full of unknowns. Love, of course, is frequently a common denominator among all the stories.


Our programme is an exploration of love in myth and legend.

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